Subject-Verb Agreement of United States and Make

Subject-verb agreement is one of the fundamental concepts of grammar that writers need to master. It ensures that the noun and verb in a sentence agree in number so that the sentence can be easily interpreted by the reader. However, when it comes to proper nouns like “United States” and “make,” writers may encounter some confusion. In this article, we`ll discuss the subject-verb agreement of United States and make, and how to use them correctly in your writing.

The United States as a Noun

When we use “United States” as a noun, it is always singular. Therefore, we should use the singular verb form with it. For example, we should say, “The United States is a large country,” not “The United States are a large country.” Similarly, we should say “The United States has many attractions” instead of “The United States have many attractions.”

The word “United States” refers to a single entity, a country, even though it is made up of 50 states. Therefore, it takes a singular verb form. Remember to use “is” instead of “are” when using “United States” as a subject in a sentence.

Make as a Noun or Verb

The word “make” can function as either a noun or a verb. As a noun, “make” represents the process of creating something, such as a product or a piece of art. For example, “I want to learn how to make pottery.”

As a verb, “make” refers to the action of creating something or causing it to happen. For example, “I will make dinner tonight.” It`s essential to ensure that the subject-verb agreement matches, depending on whether “make” is used as a verb or a noun.

When “make” is used as a verb, it needs to agree with the subject in number. For example, we say “He makes dinner every night,” not “He make dinner every night.” Similarly, we should say “They make a great team,” not “They makes a great team.”

When “make” is used as a noun, it usually functions as part of a phrase, such as “the make of a car” or “the make of a dress.” In these cases, the subject-verb agreement depends on the subject of the sentence. For example, we say “The make of the car is impressive” when referring to the car`s brand or manufacturer.


In summary, mastering the subject-verb agreement of “United States” and “make” is essential for effective writing. Remember that “United States” is always singular, and therefore, we should use the singular verb form. Concerning “make,” it depends on the context whether it functions as a noun or a verb and the number of the subject. Using these words correctly will help to ensure clarity and accuracy in your writing and avoid any confusion on the reader`s part.

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